2024 Great Lakes Graphics Association Best of Show


Its no secret that we’re proud of the work we do.  Attention to detail, careful planning, and precise assembly are baked into our processes here at Fey Printing, ensuring an end result we can all be proud of.  Even with all that, it’s still fun to be recognized for producing some of the best printed pieces in the country, and it was especially fun to receive the 2024 Best of Show award at the Great Lakes Graphics Association’s annual Graphics Excellence Awards.  That makes 5 times in the last 12 years that Fey Printing has been awarded the top honor.  Previous Fey Printing projects awarded the Best of Show honor in 2012, 2014, 2019, and 2021 were produced for The Ritz Carlton and Neenah Paper.



This year’s winning entry was produced for Rivage Bal Harbour, a luxury condo development in Miami, FL.  Perfect-bound books, floorplans, custom foil stamped and linen-wrapped envelopes, stationery materials, and so much more all came together for a spectacular series entered in the Consumer Promotional Campaigns category. Six additional awards were presented to Fey Printing for Media Kits, Booklets, Cards, and Special Innovation in Printing.



The Great Lakes Graphics Association brings together a panel of independent judges with extensive experience in printing and print production, and each entry was judged on everything from precise registration to richness and tonal qualities of color, paper and ink selection, difficulty of printing, overall visual impact, and more.  One judge noted “This collection of marketing materials enclosed in an elegant wrapper functions as a fantasy fulfilled.” 



The custom envelope is particularly striking, wrapped in deep blue linen and foil stamped in a matching tonal deep blue foil, then secured together with custom ribbon printed with the Rivage logo.


We’d be honored to help bring your ideas to life, reach out today and let’s have a conversation.  Who knows, maybe your project will be the next Best of Show recipient?